Catxalot [catch-a-lot] is the small seaweed company in Grebbestad, Sweden, that has introduced Swedish seaweeds as a novel food in Sweden. We offer you seaweed classes and events.

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Seaweed foraging, food & health

Catxalot's new masterclass education for private persons and companies working with food, foraging, outdoor cooking and nature as an experience/adventure. The course gives you the knowledge needed to start making food and products, events and your own classes where seaweed and beach plants are included or are the main focus. Read more here.

Beach flowers and seaweeds

A summer experience with exciting flavors and knowledge in a unique environment - Tjurpannan's nature reserve in northern Bohuslän, Sweden.
We hike and taste beach plants such as sea kale, violet and beach easter. Once at a red granite rock, everyone that wants jump into the water with mask and snorkel to admire and explore seaweed. You will learn which species are good to eat, how to harvest them in a nice way and how to cook them. Lunch containing seaweed are included in the price, as well as drinks. We cook together on the cliffs.

Time: 3 hours. No fixed days, but you send us a booking request with your wishes. Summer time only.
Maximum 4 participants. The event will be held even if only one person is booked.
The price includes: guided tour, lunch, mask and snorkel loan, scissors and bag as well as a small recipe collection. 
Please bring: swimwear.
Price: SEK 2200 per person

Seaweed kayaking tour

Join us for a full-day paddling in the Grebbestad archipelago where the finest seaweed grows in the salty, clear and healthy seawater.
During this guided day trip we paddle out and find seaweed both from the kayak and in the water snorkeling (if you want to). We talk about cooking, nutrients and harvest seasons, so you get fundamental knowledge to start harvesting and cooking seaweeds.
When it is spring you borrow a dry suit. No snorkling during spring due to the water temperature.
This event is a collaboration with Nautopp kayak center in Grebbestad.
Read more and book at Nautopp kayak center, Grebbestad.