Catxalot [catch-a-lot] is the small seaweed company in Grebbestad, Sweden, that introduced Swedish seaweeds as novel food in Sweden and made it known to the public. We used to forage for top restaurants in Sweden and also made own seaweed products. For some years we had a Seaweed shop and a studio kitchen in an old porthouse in Havstenssund, Sweden. Now we focus on bringing on the knowledge about seaweed to other people by having classes and events, and also educate new seaweed companies for the future in our masterclass Seaweed foraging, food and health.

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Events & classes

We have seaweed foraging event and classes for all kind of groups. Presentations, online classes and masterclass for future seaweed companies. 

Seaweed safari

Book a seaweed safari in English, minimum 4 persons. We have been providing seaweed safaris since 2014. Seaweed safari is an introductory course where you learn to identify and harvest about 10 different species of seaweed sustainably, how they should be dried, stored, what they contain and of course how they should be used in cooking. We teach how to pick nicely. If you do not want to swim you can sit on a cliff and cut seaweed at the water's edge or just watch and listen.

Location: Tjurpannans nature reserve, Grebbestad.
Time: about 3 hours in total. Price: 120 euro/person.
Please send a booking request by e-mail to

Coastal foraging

A summer experience with exciting flavors and knowledge in a unique environment - Tjurpannan's nature reserve in northern Bohuslän, Sweden.
We hike and taste beach plants such as sea kale, violet and beach easter. We snorkel to admire and explore seaweed. You will learn which species are good to eat, how to harvest them in a nice way and how to cook them. We cook lunch together on the cliffs with the seaweeds we have foraged.

3-4 hours. Summer time only. Min 1 person, max 4 persons. If bad weather it will be cancelled or moved if possible.
The price includes: lunch, coffee or seaweed tea, mask and snorkel, wetsuite (if the sizes we have are right for you), weight belt, wet shoes or fins, scissor, The seaweed guide (only in Swedish) and net bag and a small recipe collection.
Price: SEK 2200 per person 

Please send booking request to:

Seaweed island trip

Combine an underwater experience with a boat trip. With a maximum of 4 people, we go out to an island outside Grebbestad for a seaweed guide. There you can snorkel (if you want), run barefoot on the rocks and cook with us on what you have foraged.

If you are a beginner in snorkeling, you will get good advice on how to learn to snorkel dive safely, as well as learn to identify the seaweeds.

 This includes: boat trip (Buster M, 40hk), lunch,coffee or seaweed tea, snorkeling kit, wetsuite (if our sizes fits you), weight belt, fins or wet shoes (if the shoe size fits you), life jacket, scissors, net bag, The seaweed guide (in Swedish) and recipe booklet for cooking with seaweed.

 Price: 2500sek per person (max 4 persons, min 1 person).

 Bring: swimwear and towel, own water bottle and wetsuit if needed. We have one long wetsuit size Women M, one short size S/M Women, one short size L Women to lend out). 

 Time: about 11-16.  Only summertime. If bad weather it will be cancelled or moved if possible. 

Please send booking request to

Seaweed foraging, food & health

Catxalot's masterclass education for people and companies working with food, foraging, outdoor cooking and nature as an experience/adventure. The course gives you the knowledge needed to start making food and products, events and your own classes where seaweed and beach plants are included or are the main focus. INFORMATION HERE

Seaweed kayaking 

Join us for a full-day paddling in the Grebbestad archipelago where the finest seaweed grows in the salty, clear and healthy seawater.
During this guided day trip we paddle out and find seaweed from the kayak and in the water snorkeling. We talk about cooking, nutrients and harvest seasons. You get basic knowledge to start harvesting and cooking seaweeds.
This event is a collaboration with Nautopp kayak center in Grebbestad. Available dates 2021: 15/5, 12/6, 17/7, 14/8, 18/9.
Read more and book : Nautopp kayak center, Grebbestad.