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Interest in cooking with seaweed has grown strongly in recent years. Swedish seaweed is now established in Sweden and there is a great interest.
Our seaweed has ended up on the plates at restaurant vRÅ, TAK, Volt, Gastrologik, Agrikultur, Esperanto, Chef of the Year contest, Bocuse dÓr and others. We used to make our own seaweed products, such as spices, salt, a book, posters, dried seaweed.
We have had courses and experiences for dreamers and skeptics, children and researchers, people near and far in how to harvest sustainably and use seaweed in cooking. Now we concentrate on having events and classes in sustainable seaweed and beach plant foraging, online classes and educates new seaweed companies. 

Here you can read some articles, listen to the radio and watch TV clips with and about us.

Business concept

Catxalot wants to be the leading source of knowledge about seaweed as a food product in Sweden and inspire both the food industry and private individuals to use seaweed.

About us

Jonas Pettersson and Linnéa Sjögren founded Catxalot in 2014 and worked together with it for six years. From 2020 Linnea runs the company alone.
Catxalot has since 2014 introduced seaweed as a novel food in the Swedish market. They have had courses and experiences in how to harvest and cook Swedish seaweed and has produced seaweed products under their own brand.

Catxalot has often been raised as a successful example of how to work with food and nature tourism and has been widely seen in the media. They have for many years provided most of Sweden's top restaurants and chef competitions with seaweed. They have been passionate about spreading knowledge about seaweed as a sustainable novel food and creating interests that lead to the establishment of seaweed cultivation, new products and new businesses in Sweden. Catxalot has had courses and adventures for 6 years for around 3000 people, and lectures on seaweed for at least ten times more. Linnea and Jonas has written the book Tångguide, a where-when-how-to guide for 10 Nordic seaweeds that have been sold in 3000 printed copies. In november 2021 the book Plocka tång och strandväxter will be published (in Swedish), Natur & Kultur publisher.


  • Frida Ronge, award-winning Swedish chef, cookbook writer, rest. TAK Stockholm Sweden. MSC ambassador.
  • Sofia B Olsson, Swedish chef, operations manager at rest. vRÅ Gothenburg Sweden. Active in sustainability issues.
  • Stefan Eriksson, Chef of the Year 2005 Sweden, Exceptionell Råvara, Commodity Manager of the contest Chef of the 2019 Sweden.
  • Lisen Sundgren, Sweden's foremost specialist and herbalist on wild plants and herbs. Author to several books on edible wild plants and herbs. Has among other things written award-winning Det Vilda Köket and Vildvuxet.
  • Jill Axelsson Pabst, Tourist Board Western Sweden. Specialist in food tourism and strategic business development.

Rates and nominations

Innovation Scholarship 2015
Matverk Bohuslän (Matverk) 2015
Nominated for the Food Award (Livsmedelspriset) 2019
Thordénstiftelsens Miljöpris (Environmental award) 2021


For us, the word sustainability signals something that will hold up in the future. That what we do today can be done tomorrow as well as 10 or 100 years without any negative consequences. It permeates everything we do.
It is absolutely crucial when we harvest wild seaweed in the sea.
We do not tear up anything with the roots, but cut to promote regrowth.
We want to spread the knowledge about how to harvest seaweed sustainably to other people, for seaweed and sea.