Seaweed foraging, food and health

At last, there is an education about seaweed for those who want to work with food, food tourism, foraging, outdoor cooking, knowledge-based experiences and nature as an experience! Catxalot has educated people about seaweed and its use since 2014, and is now starting a course for companies in, for example, natural tourism and food tourism who want to be able to talk about or use algae and seaweed in their existing or new events and experiences. This masterclass is also suitable for other industries and for private individuals who want to study algae and seaweed.

Seaweed can give your experience a new interesting dimension and is attractive to many. The target group is large and wide and is found among all occupational groups and genders. According to our experience, there is interest from the age of 20 up to retired, as well as among children. Foreign tourists also have a great interest in nature experiences, and in combination with food it becomes extra attractive. In fact, the combination of nature / adventure and food has become super hot!

The Seaweed foraging instructor course gives you the knowledge needed to start events, courses, experiences and adventures where seaweed is included. The course also gives you knowledge in how to use seaweeds in food and products. The course is suitable for companies in marine tourism, natural tourism, guide companies or food tourism. The course is also suitable for those who want to become foragers and sell seaweed to restaurants. Private individuals or companies in other industries, such as food that want to gain knowledge about seaweed, are also warmly welcomed.

The course covers species determination, breeding, harvesting, handling, application, cooking, medical research, sustainability issues, environmental toxins, drying, storage, processing and a little about cultivation. The goal is that you will have sufficient knowledge (or know where to find the answer) to be able to answer all the questions that are usually asked at an event etc about seaweed and that you should be able to give inspiration to others such as a guide. We know what is in demand and have already received all questions.

The course starts with a first online meeting where you get an introduction to the course and to seaweed. At the second online meeting we have a "cook-along" where we cook together with dried seaweed sent to you at the post along with a shopping list and recipes. The third meeting is a field day in Grebbestad. The fourth and final meeting is online and dedicated to us discussing your ideas for the future. Each online meeting lasts around 1-1,5 hours. It is optional to do an examination task.

You have access to the teacher as a mentor for your product ideas etc during the class.

The course includes:

  • diploma after completed course
  • a field day in Grebbestad, Sweden with seaweed lunch and coffee. You are welcome to participate in the cooking if you like. 
  • rental of dry suit / wetsuit / waders, snorkeling set and harvesting equipment.
  • three online meetings, one of which is a cook-along
  • a box with dried seaweed for your own experiments and cook-along sent to you together with recipes and special seaweed experiments that you shall do.
  • course compendium and literature list sent to you in the mail when the course fee is paid.
  • recipes
  • a seaweed foraging knife

Price Total amount: 11.875 SEK inkl. VAT. Registration fee 1.500 SEK is payable on booking. 

The remaining amount is paid no later than two weeks before the course starts. In case of cancellation or sick leave up to seven days before the start of the course, everything except the registration fee will be refunded. Less than seven days before the start of the course, half the sum will be refunded upon cancellation / sick leave.

Location: online and in Grebbestad, Sweden. If it is hard for you to come to Sweden we can arrange an online session instead.
Date: You can decide the date yourself.
The course compendium and literature list will be sent when the registration fee is paid.

Do you have questions? Contact: Linnéa Sjögren, Tel. +46 (0)70-9147299.