Seaweed safari (in English), Grebbestad Tjurpannan 9 sept. -23

SEK 1,295.00 inkl. moms*

Seaweed safari, Grebbestad, 9/9 2023, time: 11.00-14.00

This is an introductory course where you will lear to admire the seaweed, learn to identify and harvest about 10 different species of sustainably, how they should be dried, stored, what they contain and of course hosta  they should be used in cooking. We will take you to a beautiful piece of nature.

We swim/snorkel together and talk about all the different species we see.

Catxalot teach how to forage in a kind way. If you do not want to swim you can sit on a cliff and cut seaweed at the water's edge or just watch and listen.

Please bring:
swimming gear, water shoes or fins, scissors, bag to the seaweed, wetsuite if possible, mask, snorkel. Lunch or snacks, water. I can borrow you scissor and mask & snorkel otherwise.

Location: We will meet 11.00 (11 am) on the parking place to Tjurpannans nature reserve, Grebbestad.
Time: about 3 hours in total.

Kategori Tångsafari

* Baserat på hemvist i Sweden. Moms för andra länder beräknas i kassan. Pris exklusive moms: SEK 1,221.70.