SUP-paddle and seaweed foraging Fjällbacka archipelago, 19 juli 2024 (English)

SEK 1,425.00 inkl. moms*

19 July 2024, kl. 9:00 - ca 15:00

Welcome to a dreamy nature experience with adventure and foraging in Sweden's most beautiful archipelago - Fjällbacka.

We take you out into a fabulously beautiful nature where you get to pick seaweed from a SUP board, cook on an island and learn everything about SUP paddling and seaweed.

During this paddling you will have the opportunity to learn SUP technique from our experienced guide, Andreas @plantbasedathlete. He shares his secrets to mastering the board and turning paddling into a magical dance on the water. (Note: See more detailed information on SUP technique etc which we will be doing below!)

Our seaweed expert Linnéa @catxalot will guide you underwater, where you will explore the fascinating world below the surface and collect seaweed for our lunch.

You will learn a lot of useful things about seaweed, and with the SUP board you will be able to reach places that are otherwise difficult to reach. We will see the seaweed habitat underwater, admire and explore different species and their importance to the environment and you will get to pick them in a gentle way and taste them.

We will spend a large part of the day diving from the boards and paddling, so that we discover as many places as possible. We go ashore on one or more islands to have coffee and eat our lunch. The pace will be adjusted according to the ability of the participants (the most inexperienced). We will also do mindful breathing exercises.

Time and place
We meet in Pluret/Plureviksvägen, Hamburgsund, at the bottom of the beach where the road ends, at 9 a.m. on July 19, 2024. There is a parking space there. Let us know if you need to be picked up at the bus in the center of Hamburgsund!

The price includes

  • SUP lessons
  • guidance
  • coffee
  • taste samples
  • recipe booklet
  • the field guide Tångguiden
  • preparatory online meeting

  • own SUP, or we can rent one for you, price SEK 550 including life jacket, paddle and leash (notify this when booking!).
  • own wetsuit, or rent one from us for SEK 200. See sizes. Notify when booking if you want to rent it.
  • neoprene socks, bathing shoes or similar that are suitable for standing on the board and walking on the bottom with.
  • own mask and snorkel (or notify when booking if you wish to borrow it)
  • fins, if you want to use it.
  • water bottle
  • own lunch
  • change of clothes
  • clothes after weather
  • waterproof bag (drybag). We will also have a few to lend.
  • sunscreen/cap
  • scissors attached to a string
  • a bag to put your seaweed in that you can keep on the board (e.g. one or more net bags for vegetables and fruit). Feel free to have a string etc. on the bag so you can fasten it to the board.
  • possibly a cooler bag on land or in your car for the seaweed you might want to bring home fresh.

Notify us when booking
  • possible food allergies etc
  • if you want to rent a SUP and wetsuit through us and what size you have
  • if you want to borrow a mask and snorkel


We are two water tooks who met by chance in a parking lot in the summer of 2023. Andreas had dropped his cell phone in the sea and was sitting in his camper van at Tjurpannan's parking lot depressing that his planned trip to Norway was now impossible to complete without the cell phone.

Linnéa happened to park next to his van and said Hi and started talking. It ended with Andreas having to borrow a weight belt, mask and snorkel from Linnéa and was able to dive down to 4 meters and retrieve his mobile, which still worked!

A little funny story that led us to start talking about doing something fun together sometime. And now we make this SUP paddling about seaweed!

Linnéa Sjögren runs the seaweed company Catxalot since 2014 and teaches and inspires people to pick seaweed for household needs and cook with it. She also gives lectures and cooking classes on algae and seaweed. Catxalot is the small seaweed company from Bohuslän that introduced Swedish seaweed to Sweden.

Linnéa is the author of the book Plocka tång & strandväxter (Swedish).

Andreas Sjöstrand, founder of "Canopy Club" - A tree climbing community where play, movement and education reconnect people to nature. Andreas is also the founder of Reebok CrossFit Valens in Luxembourg, where he has promoted holistic training and organic vegan food since 2011. In Stockholm, he made his mark with Vici Athletic, a CrossFit gym that integrated organic raw food, yoga and strongman training. Andreas has been an ambassador for brands such as Reebok and The North Face where he was the head trainer for "Never Stop Stockholm", The North Face, outdoor training group. Andreas has also been successful as a CrossFit practitioner and in 2013 he participated in the CrossFit Games and placed 9th in the World with Team Reebok CrossFit Nordic. Andreas shares his passion for health and sustainability in his concepts, events and lectures, with the goal of inspiring an active, healthy and sustainable lifestyle together.

Cancellation policy
If you cancel up to 7 days before the event, you get your money back. If you cancel after that, you will not get anything back. If we cancel the event due to bad weather or illness, you will get all the money back.

Accident insurance
We recommend that you have your own accident insurance (in the unlikely event that it is needed).

More information about SUP technology we will do
The SUP level is beginners with experience paddling calm water.

We will start by practicing kneeling balance, standing balance. As well as some different steering and paddling techniques. We will have to adapt based on weather and waves. Mainly we use SUP boards as a playful way to transport ourselves out to some nearby islets and a new way to see the water from above, before we dive below the surface.
We wish to find calm water. There will be an opportunity to explore more of kneeling and standing paddling, as well as how it is to get from the water onto the boards. With and/or without assistance from a friend.

There we will dive with Catxalot and learn about seaweed.
Based on the weather, the distance and challenge are adjusted so it is mainly beginner level.

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* Baserat på hemvist i Sweden. Moms för andra länder beräknas i kassan. Pris exklusive moms: SEK 1,344.34.